Welcome Digital Traveler
Please accept our deepest apologies. A Grimm Design is currently being created. But what exactly is happening to ‘A Grimm Design'? To put it simply, it will be an Augmented Reality Game with a very unique shop attached.

A Grimm Design was once the name of aLaymanStudios. During the pandemic it was decided to make A Layman Studios the parent company and morph A Grimm Design into it’s original concept. An Augmented Reality Game created around the artist unquietly created artworks. Welcoming everyone from around the world to participate in the magic of shared wonder, mystery and creation. Won’t you please check back soon? I have a feeling the magic will appear soon.

Within the ‘A Grimm Design’ collection you will find one-of-a-kind sculptures, exotic mystical creatures art dolls, fantasy home decor, unique wearable art in the forms of leather masks, headdresses, jewelry and more. Traveling far beyond the reaches of the imagination, collecting and creating mysterious relics, oddities, & creatures at the bottom of the universe. These sculptures have personality and each is unique and will never have a duplicate.

The Backroom