About the Artist

A. Layman is a self employed 35 year old artist, currently popular for her Custom Made Flasks and Pocket Watch Cases. She works with a wide array of material and is always working to improve her skills in her fields of talent. Working in the Graphic Design field for over a decade, she still preforms freelance work. As a mother she hopes to inspire her daughter with an entrepreneur spirit and to provide a creative environment to nurture inspiration. As a wife, the money she earns from selling her creations help provide for their family.

Recently aLayman was one of ten artist that was selected by the City of San Marcos, Texas to paint a seven foot tall Mermaid Statue.

A Grimm Design was started in April of 2011 in hopes to fuel the artist passion with sharing her imagination with the world. Her love of folklore, historical fiction and fantasy inspires the handcrafted creations she makes from her home studio located in central Texas. All of the pieces that have been sold by the artist have been noted down in an official registry. While currently “Grimm” is the only employee of her studio, she sells her art & creations in the hopes that profits go into funding future projects and to one day expand into a multi-artist studio working to bring fear and wonderment to life.

A Grimm Design specializes in artisan craft ranging from a large array of different mediums from leather, polymer clay, charcoal, and pyrography to name a few. Creating accessories for fandoms of all different shapes and sizes, the artist offers custom work on many of the items she creates. One of a kind sculptures offer a whimsical window into the realm of fantasy…